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Dropbox adds Sync Api

Dropbox has added a sync api for iOS and Android. Hopefully this will be coming to web apps soon!

How Extendable should code be?

One of the biggest topics that comes up in the field of programming today is extendability. The prevailing feeling is that code should be maintainable, easy to read, and easy to add. This idea has become so popular because it is effective in reducing the hours developers have to work on a problem. While most try to write extensible code, developers often disagree about the degree of extensibility that a program needs to have.
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Hello and welcome to Cirrus Editor.

Cirrus Editor is designed to be a simple but effective document editor and previewer for Dropbox. It integrates with popular web apps like Aviary and Tinymce, and allows users to manage their Dropbox files on the go.

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