Hello and welcome to Cirrus Editor.

Cirrus Editor is designed to be a simple but effective document editor and previewer for Dropbox. It integrates with popular web apps like Aviary and Tinymce, and allows users to manage their Dropbox files on the go.


Who is it for?

Anyone, but Cirrus is really designed for people that are on the go. If you are at your computer, you probably have the Dropbox app installed, but at a public computer, you often don't.

Why was it Built?

I needed to access Dropbox files on school computers and was constantly forgetting to reupload files that I needed.

What does it Cost?

Currently it is free. I hope to always have a free basic version, but at some point will likely add a premium version that offers additional features.

Sign Up

You can sign up today with only an email address and a password. Then just install the app in your Dropbox and start editing.


For developers

Cirrus editor is built on the concrete5 cms. The cms powers the main site, which includes the editor page. The editor page is based on the concrete5 concept of single pages. It also uses the concrete5 login/authentication system, particularly user attributes, which are used to store the user keys. The Dropbox integration has been made into a singleton library, so that the connection is constant. The php library was used over the js library simply because I am more comfortable modifying php than javascript.

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